After an enthusiastic response to its weekend premiere at Sundance, 'Don Jon's Addiction,' which Joseph Gordon-Levitt directed, wrote and starred in, is sold to Relativity Media.

After making a big splash at Sundance, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut, Don Jon's Addiction, sold U.S. rights to Relativity Media, following a fierce bidding war. The film premiered Friday night.

Gordon-Levitt, who also wrote the script, stars as Jon Martello, a New Jersey bartender with a complicated set of obsessions, at the top of which is porn. He's also meticulous about his apartment, his car, his flings and his devotion to going to confession. Objects mean everything to him and he repeatedly refers to a girlfriend played by Scarlett Johansson as "the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

Julianne Moore and Tony Danza co-star in the edgy comedy in which Jon ends up learning deeper lessons about love.

"Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an incredibly talented filmmaker and he has created a bold, funny and moving story and we are proud to work with him," said Tucker Tooley, Relativity president.

Since the premiere, Gordon-Levitt, 31, has been compared to Ben Affleck and other actor-directors for his assured script and creative directorial style.

The sale marks the third collaboration for Don Jon producer Ram Bergman and Relativity. Bergman also produced Brick and Looper, which starred Gordon-Levitt.

Relativity previously purchased Catfish at Sundance in 2010, which led to a theatrical release and a hit MTV show. The release date for Don Jon will be announced later.

"I always intended this to be a movie for a mass popular audience," said Gordon-Levitt. "Everyone told me it was a long shot. Now Relativity is making it happen. ... I couldn't possibly be more grateful."