Emma (Kate Micucci) has never had luck finding love; she is much more comfortable spending time alone with her cat and dog. 


By a strange twist of cosmic fate, her two loving pets are turned into human versions of themselves—the cat becomes the handsome, yet mysterious, Diego (Justin Chatwin), and the dog becomes the playful and loveable Sam (Steve Howey). Each pet vies for her attention, while Emma, of course, has no idea that her pets have been turned into humans, leading to hilarious “dates.” 


While Emma has no romantic interest in Diego and Sam, she does realize she needs to open herself up to the possibility of love, and begins to see her friendship with her neighbor, Carl (Sean Astin), in a whole new light. 


UNLEASHED is a modern romantic comedy that shows us that love is always possible, even if it takes our pets to lead the way.

Finn Taylor
Illeana Douglas, Justin Chatwin, Kate Micucci, Sean Astin, Steve Howey
Romance, Comedy
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