Saving Christmas

In the small, snowy town of Norepole, Danny (Jack Brunault), an 11-year-old boy still believes in Santa Claus, which doesn’t make him “cool” with the other kids.  Danny’s little sister, Jennifer (Lindsay Blanchard), tells him there is one way to get the kids off his back—prove Santa Claus is real!  Danny, who is a computer whiz, recruits his friends and they accept the challenge of scientifically proving Santa’s existence.


Meanwhile, Danny’s mother, Elizabeth (Brooke Langton), works extra shifts as a hairdresser to afford a merry Christmas for the family.  Ever since her husband died, money is tight and she takes on extra work to support Danny.  She catches the eye of the handsome toy company executive, Sammy (Patrick Muldoon), who hires her to do a make-over for his boss, Rick (Ed Asner), who looks suspiciously like…no he couldn’t be, could he?


Danny and his friends use modern technology to solve one of our oldest and dearest mysteries—is there really a Santa Claus?

Tom DeNucci
Patrick Muldoon, Ed Asner, Brooke Langton, Jack Brunbault, Max Harris, Lindsey Blanchard
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