Body Brokers
This is the true and untold story of a multibillion-dollar drug and alcohol treatment scheme where former drug addicts and dealers become millionaires as fly-by-night “body brokers”, recruiting other addicts to seek treatment and selling these patients off to facilities paying the highest price. Utah (Jack Kilmer) and his girlfriend Opal (Alice Englert), are drug addicts living on the streets in rural Ohio. After getting recruited by body broker Wood (Michael K. Williams), and offered treatment in Los Angeles, Wood takes Utah under his wing and introduces him to treatment center mogul Vin (Frank Grillo). Wood and Vin bring Utah in on their lucrative and illegal dealings, where saving lives comes second to the bottom line. Academy Award® winner Melissa Leo will takes on the role as the resident treatment center shrink, Dr. White.
John Swab
Melissa Leo, Frank Grillo, Michael K. Williams, Jack Kilmer, Jessica Rothe, Alice Englert
Crime, Thriller
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