From Constantin Films, Producers of the Billion Dollar Worldwide Franchise, RESIDENT EVIL, and Academy Award winner Roger Avary, comes the next young adult film event. Based on Neal Shusterman’s award-winning and best-selling series, UNWIND imagines a cruel dystopian world in which by the time you turn eighteen, you either become a functioning cog in the machine of a brainwashed society, or you are “unwound.”  That is, your body will be taken apart, piece by piece, and given to more fortunate citizens the government determines to be more suitable.


Connor (Ian Nelson), Risa (Kiernan Shipka), and Lev (Percy Hynes White) are three teenagers determined to rage against the machine.  Their desire for freedom and self-determination is greater than their fear of authority and unwinding. Through their harrowing journey our three heroes will stop at nothing to stay whole, even if it means starting a revolution.


Roger Avary
Ian Nelson, Kiernan Shipka, Percy Hynes White , Bill Paxton, Jay Baruchel
Teen, Action, Sci-Fi
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