Maya Lord

From visionary filmmaker Roland Emmerich comes the thrilling historical epic MAYA LORD.

In 1511, a Spanish Caravel shipwrecks in a violent storm, and its few survivors find themselves cast away on the unknown tropical shores of the New World – later known as the Yucatan Peninsula. A fierce Mayan tribe captures and sacrifices most of the crew, leaving only two survivors: a soldier and a priest. With no hope for escape, the brilliant and pragmatic adventurer Gonzalo Guerrero chooses to adopt the Mayan culture as his own, while the uncompromising Father Aguilar holds fast to his Christian faith.

The arrival of the conquistadors in 1519 tests the will of both men. Father Aguilar begrudgingly joins the legendary and ruthless Cortes in his bloody search for the infamous “City of Gold.” But Guerrero, now married to the daughter of a Mayan chieftain, becomes a Mayan warlord himself. He spectacularly unites the warring Mayan tribes and leads his new people into battle against the brutal Spanish invaders. As the twilight of the Mayan civilization looms, an epic battle ensues at the cradle of the new Mestizo culture.

In the vein of DANCES WITH WOLVES, BRAVEHEART, and THE PATRIOT, MAYA LORD is a timely tale of oppression, survival, and what it truly means to be civilized. 

Roland Emmerich
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