The Ape
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  • Human resources drone and put-upon family man Harry Walker (James Franco) imagines he could be the next Dostoyevsky if he could just get a little peace and quiet.  When he moves out of his family home and into his own apartment to craft his masterpiece, his solitude is broken by an unexpected roommate, a foul-mouthed, Hawaiian shirt-wearing Gorilla.

    The ape harasses Harry constantly, sharing his opinions on life, love and animal magnetism.  He inspires Harry to embrace his own most carnal and base impulses.  This leads to trouble at the office where Harry embarks on an ill-advised affair with his high-strung boss and makes questionable decisions during a big presentation.

    Back at their apartment, Harry and the ape grow closer, but it’s not clear that their relationship is helping Harry’s writing.  His short story is rejected by the New Yorker magazine, and Harry finds himself increasingly cut off from the world outside.  It all leads to a startling confrontation that is both dark and disturbing.
    James Franco
    James Franco
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